We are a Manufacturer of Japanese Rice-Bran Oil. ⟨since 1949⟩

70 years of history in production and sales of rice-bran oil

We are a manufacturer of “rice-bran oil”. Rice is an important staple for Japanese people, and we produce “rice-bran oil” from germ and surface skin part of the rice-bran layer of rice. With our belief that the food is the fundamental source of health, we have delivered “rice-bran oil” to your table for 70 years in the hope for your healthy life with safe, secured, and delicious food.

We will continue producing safe, secured, and delicious “rice-bran oil” in response to your requests.

Company Data

Company Profile: April, 2017
Company Name Sanwa-Yushi Co., Ltd.
Head Office 4-1-2 Hitoichimachi, Tendo-shi, Yamagata, JAPAN, 994-0044
TEL: +81-23-653-3021 (Only Japanese available)
FAX: +81-23-653-3960
e-mail: info@sanwa-yushi.com
Foundation October, 1949
Representative President: Yozaemon YAMAGUCHI
Capital 100 million yen
Factory and Branch Office Factories: Tendo, Sendai, Koriyama, Higashine
Sales office: Tokyo
  1. Rice-Bran Oil
  2. Foods ( made from Rice-Bran )
  3. RB Ceramics
Number of Employees 100