The rice bran which is collected in Japan is squeezed in a courteous manner, and the resulting crude oil is shaped into a special rice bran oil by using our unique steam-refining method. We are using a compressing production method to produce the precious rice bran oil instead of using an organic solvent.

Sanwa Yushi Co., Ltd. will further pursue a new value and will develop new products.

Original Production Method

This product is a pure “rice oil” which is produced by compressing fresh domestic bran and purifying the resulting crude oil by a method referred to as the “stem refining method.”

Nutritional Value

Compared to the normal rice bran oil, Comeyu preserves active ingredients contained in rice bran as much as possible due to the unique production method.


The Comeyu is mainly eaten raw, for example, in dressing, mayonnaise, Ohitashi (boiled vegetable), and miso soup. Some people drink a spoonful of Comeyu which is considered as appropriate daily dose.


Persistence To Raw

Based on the cooperation with a rice mill plant and an oil plant, we can obtain fresh Rice Bran and process it quickly.
We deactivate the lipase which is a digestive enzyme of lipid by the stabilizer processing so as to maintain the freshness of the oil.


By the adoption of physical compression, the resulting delipidated Rice Bran can be used as the raw material for food

Persistence To Compressing

The oil isn’t extracted with any organic solvent, but is compressed by the physical compression. The original ingredients of the brown rice are condensed by our unique compression technology.

Persistence To Purification

By the adoption of steam refining method, the active ingredients can be retained. Our non-chemical purification method doesn’t use any chemicals.