Corporate Name

Sanwa Yushi Co., Ltd.


994-0044 4-1-2 Hitoichimachi Tendo-shi, Yamagata Prefecture


+81-23-653-3021 (Only Japanese available)






October, 1949

Capital fund

One hundred million Yen

Number of employees



Yozaemon Yamaguchi

President and
Representative Director

These modern times

In the past, people were pursuing only the taste and richness of food in their diet. However, these days, people appreciate genuine and healthy food more. Consequently, eating habits have been changing.
Fortunately, we have acquired a great amount of confidence from our customers. As a result, we have been producing and selling rice-bran oil mainly for business use with our customer’s support.

Future challenge

We hope that as many people as possible would use rice-bran oil so that we can make a contribution to their health. Additionally, we will try to innovate by utilizing the rice-bran oil along with the rice bran. We will strive to meet our society’s expectation by working together so as to make “Mizuho no Sato” (Land blessed with rice, i.e. Japan) more energetic.

Resistant to Heating

As the rice bran oil has a high smoke point and is stable (it can be stably used under an elevated temperature), it is best suited for high temperature cooking in foods such as Tempura and stir-fries.